At Modus Research, we believe that the important decisions our clients make must be based on rock solid information.
Research must be smartly designed, scientifically executed and reported with a commitment to usable insight.

Modus Research

Research You Can Believe In

Modus Research is a full-service research and consulting firm working across diverse sectors. We specialize in developing and executing custom research solutions using a full range of traditional and innovative methodologies supported by our in-house data collection and software division.

The Modus Team is made up of a core group of seasoned research professionals dedicated to conducting research to the highest scientific and ethical standards. We are members of AAPOR and adhere to its Code of Ethics in all aspects of our business.

At Modus Research, we believe that quality research is built
on a foundation of scientific methodologies and professional expertise.

Our Approach

Our approach features an unwavering commitment to client care, technical innovation and scientific fidelity.

Client Care

We not only provide our clients with research and insight, but serve as trusted advisers.

At Modus Research our clients deal directly with senior research professionals throughout the project life cycle and beyond. We do not delegate important project components to junior staff. We carry through with our valued clients to ensure they get the most out of the research.

Technical Innovation

At Modus we also recognize that the capacity to innovate is critical in today's dynamic business and consumer environment.

As populations and the tools they use to communicate continuously evolve, so too must researchers. We take technical innovation seriously. We have an in-house software development team working closely with experienced researchers to develop applications that are responsive to changing needs while adhering to scientific research principles and standards.

Scientific Fidelity

We take the science underlying survey research seriously.

At Modus, we believe that our clients must have confidence in our expertise and trust that we can deliver reliable evidence. We will not compromise probability sampling or any other elemental principle of sound research. Research has to be done cost-effectively, but it has to be done properly.

We are members of AAPOR because its industry-leading standards and diligence fits with our own approach. We adhere to its Code of Ethics in all aspects of our business.

We believe in the integrity of sound research, and we do not take shortcuts.

Our People

Charlie Graves, President and CEO

Charlie Graves, President and CEO, is senior market research professional with over 20 years experience in the market research industry. He oversees all aspects of Modus Research and leads the Modus team on design and client management.

A trusted adviser with an established track record of serving some of the most prestigious companies and organizations, Charlie's areas of research expertise include business and executive research, stakeholder and CRM research, baseline and tracking measurement and panel development and management.

Terry Rawlings, COO

Terry Rawlings brings with him over 20 years experience in market research. With a background in Statistics and Economics, Terry possesses in-depth expertise in all research methodologies and has world leading expertise in panel development and management.

Terry has held executive leadership roles with Ipsos, GfK, TNS, NPD and Nielsen. An expert analyst and statistician with considerable operational expertise and experience, Terry has both the knowledge and creativity to provide effective solutions to our clients’ most important and challenging research needs.

Jack Weinberg, CIO, Modus Ops

Jack brings his expertise acquired from his work in real-time telephony at Nortel, cellular tracking with Homeland Security Technology Corporation and confidential, distributed Radiology Information Systems to designing world-class market research solutions for Modus clients.

A graduate of York University’s Computer Science program in 1994, Jack leverages agile methodologies to deliver futureproof, client-focused software solutions.

Mike State, CTO, Modus Ops

Mike has managed teams to deliver in every aspect of IT during his career spanning more than 20 years in the technology industry. From sales, to systems, networks and infrastructure and on to research and development, Mike leverages his comprehensive understanding of technology to solve research challenges and ensure information is easily accessible.

Beyond creative problem-solving, Mike possesses the ability to translate between “tech speak” and the commercially relevant.

Jeffrey Smyth, Senior Adviser

Jeffrey Smyth is a senior marketing executive with extensive experience in financial services and consumer products. He has worked in the United States and Canada and has a long-standing relationship with business and government clients in Japan. He sits on the boards of a number of community and arts organizations.

Jeffrey has a B.A. from Cambridge and an M.B.A in marketing and market research from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

J.J. McMurtry, Senior Adviser

Dr. McMurtry has over twenty years experience in applied research. He has published numerous works on social theory, politics, policy, and social enterprise and the social economy in scholarly and popular media and has an active research and facilitation record with community, co-operative and non-profit groups.

Dr. McMurtry currently serves as Associate Dean Programs for the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, is English Language Editor of the Canadian Journal of Non-Profit and Social Economy Research, and is an Associate Professor in the Business and Society Program at York University.

Johanna Reynolds, Senior Associate

Johanna has over ten years of combined experience in research, project management and advanced writing and editing, working effectively with cross-cultural teams. She is fully bilingual in French and English and has taught for several years in the International Studies program at Glendon College, York University's bilingual campus.

Stephan Dobson, Senior Associate

Coming soon!

Keith Anderson, Senior Associate

In addition to work in executive interviewing and data analysis in the private sector, Keith has substantial research experience in non-profit and community-based organizations.

As a member of the contract faculty in the Social Science Department at York University, Keith taught for several years in the Business and Society Program and has published works on ethics and politics, and the social economy.